IFP: ‘Real’ financial planning Certified, not Chartered

Marlene Shalton, president of the Institute of Financial Planning, said that whether you have too much money or not enough money you still need cashflow planning and that is delivered by Certified financial planners.

Speaking at the launch of the IFP’s Financial Planning Week today (7 November), Ms Shalton said: “When you do talk about financial planning you associate that with the Certified financial planner and not the Chartered financial planner because the Certified ones know how to do real financial planning.”

Nick Cann, chief executive of the IFP, said: “As a profession we look at financial planning, which is a direct engagement with the consumer helping them go on to achieve their goals.

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“People are prepared to pay for their advice but on a lower income level there isn’t the engagement. [We’re] trying to access that consumer, help them make that step to get a greater understanding of financial planning.

“Ultimately we want to be in a position where they are confident to seek financial advice without getting distorted by the financial product stories that are out there, for example.

“Clearly where people do want financial advice we have Certified financial planners. They are part of a standard of professionals.”