Royal London rolls out D2C advice service

Royal London has launched MoneyVista, a website that is committed to helping customers make good, well-informed decisions that will help them secure their financial future.

The MoneyVista financial expert panel includes qualified financial advisers, personal finance journalists, authors, academics and peole who have worked in consumer associations such as Which? who all have lots of experience of financial planning.

Consumers would pay £8 for a monthly subscription, £20 for a quarterly subscription, or £75 for an annual subscription.

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A statement on the MoneyVista website said: “Financial planning with MoneyVista takes your current financial information and makes assumptions about how your income and various assets will grow in the future.

“It covers all your savings, investments, pensions, protection, properties and borrowings. Once you have created your financial plan you can tailor it to meet your specific goals and requirements.

“Between us we have a wealth of financial expertise and you will have access to this panel of financial experts should you have specific questions you might need assistance with.”

The website does not have any advisertising and it assures consumers that it won’t try to sell products or services from Royal London or any other financial organisation.

The website said: “Amongst other things, MoneyVista lets you plan for future goals, such as funding university fees or buying a property.

“In your plan you can explore how you pay for the goal before you make any decisions. MoneyVista will tell you what the impact of your decision is now and in the future.

“Once you add a goal to your financial plan we will remind you if there are things you need to do, such as increase your savings, to make sure your goal is achieved.”