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Guide to outsourcing fund management – part 2



    It is vital to maker sure the terms of the discretionary fund management relationship are clearly set out and capable of satisfying both client and adviser.

    The second of this two-part guide tackles what questions to ask a discretionary fund manager and how to make sure the outsourcing arrangement works today and for the long-term.

    Answers supplied by David Lumley, director of Arena Wealth, Mark Soonaye, product director of Octopus Investments, and Carl Lamb, managing director of Almary Green.

    In this guide

      1. What does Almary Green’s Carl Lamb is important to check with a DFM beyond past performance?

      2. What does Mr Lamb say is important within a client agreement when using a DFM?

      3. What does Octopus’ Mr Soonaye suggest putting into a DFM agreement beyond the ‘usual’ terms?

      4. What does Mr Lamb suggest advisory firms should establish to monitor the DFM arrangement?

      5. What should an adviser do if the DFM arrangement is not working out?

      6. Which rules prevent managers from creating barriers to exit?

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