IFP’s Shalton to head up Guardian’s advice firm

Guardian Wealth Management has appointed Marlene Shalton as managing director of its financial planning practice from 1 September 2012, as part of its expansion plans in the UK.

Recently Ms Shalton held the position of certified financial planner and wealth manager at Bluefin Wealth Management.

Prior to this, Ms Shalton established her own financial planning practice, which she sold to Bluefin in 2007.

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She is also president of the Institute of Financial Planning.

David Howell, chief executive of Guardian Wealth Management, said: “We are thrilled to welcome Marlene to the team at Guardian Wealth Management.

“Her passion and commitment to Financial Planning make her an ideal representative of our company. I believe Marlene’s experience and distinguished career will be invaluable to Guardian Wealth Management as we seek to expand our interests in the financial planning space.”

The company is focusing its efforts on opportunities in the UK market, having built up a presence in Europe, the Middle East and the Far East.

It will launch new UK headquarters in Cardiff in June, and hopes to have recruited 136 additional certified financial planners in the next five years.

Mr Howell said: “The UK has unlimited potential and we are eager to develop these new opportunities and create a blueprint for Financial Planning practice.”

Ms Shalton said: “I am delighted to be joining Guardian Wealth Management and relish the opportunity to develop true financial planning practice.

“My goal has always been to work with those truly committed to achieving lifetime goals and objectives through financial planning and act as a mentor to fellow planners.

“Guardian Wealth Management has demonstrated its commitment to becoming a global financial planning firm and I am looking forward to building on the great work already done to ensure that it becomes a vanguard of financial planning in the UK.”