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Guide to emerging market debt funds



    However, since the advent of the Brady Plan in the 1980s, which saw loans to mostly Latin American countries that had defaulted on their debt converted into a variety of bonds, issuance has increased dramatically.

    But what type of investor should be considering Emerging Market Debt funds? What drives the performance of these vehicles?

    FTAdviser’s Guide to Emerging Market Debt funds tackles the different types of emerging market debt, the pros and cons of such vehicles and how long investors should hold on to such schemes for.

    Answers supplied by Rob Drijkoningen, head of global emerging markets for ING Investment Management, and Brett Diment, head of emerging markets on the fixed income team at Aberdeen Asset Management.

    In this guide

      1. Currently, how is economic policy discipline achieved in emerging economies?

      2. Which of the following is the largest segment of emerging market debt?

      3. On average, by how much has total emerging market debt stock grown each year since 2002?

      4. What does Rob Drijkoningen see as the most significant factor driving productivity growth in emerging economies?

      5. No investment grade emerging market corporate has defaulted in a calendar year since before:

      6. Which of the below is listed by decreasing average duration?

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