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Guide to With-Profits Investments



    These policies, which can be in the form of a fund, a bond or a pension, have been used to for long-term savings or retirement or to pay off a mortgage. Investors are assured of some protection from the vagaries in the stock market by a ‘smoothing’ process in the level of returns.

    The possibility of a future lump sum in the form of an endowment or income is a key selling point for many customers.

    Answers provided by Paul Fidell, senior investment business development manager at Prudential, and Kevin Arnott, with profits actuary at the Phoenix Group.

    In this guide

      1. How are with-profits funds defined?

      2. How many types of policies can be offered for with-profits?

      3. What have with-profits funds been criticised for?

      4. What is one of the main attractions of with-profits?

      5. How long should with-profits be held for?

      6. Can a with-profits annuity be cancelled?

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