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Guide to Back Office Systems



    Now, however, an increasingly large proportion use complex, all-encompassing data-management programs that handle all of the client administration information for their firm.

    Given the regulatory upheaval in the financial advisory market, many advisory firms may be in the midst of a planned upgraded to their administrative software to cope with the recording and reconciliation of income from various sources and providing identical regulatory reports.

    FTAdviser’s Guide to Back Office Systems tackles what advisers can expect from back office options on the market, how cheaper options differ from all-in-one systems and how back office software can help with your regulatory compliance.

    Answers supplied by Richard Stanton, sales manager at Time4Advice; Sue Nutall, owner and lead consultant at Jacana; and Steve Billingham, owner and director of Steve Billingham Consulting.

    In this guide

      1. What, at the very least, should a back-office system store?

      2. According to Time4Advice’s Richard Stanton, what will systems need to be able to record post-RDR?

      3. Why does Steve Billingham caution against some ‘tremendous’ all-in-one solutions such as Marketo or Hubspot?

      4. What details in terms of client contact will be required to be kept post-RDR

      5. What example does Time4Advice’s Richard Stanton use to demonstrate how systems can help with TCF requirements?

      6. How does Mr Stanton suggest this could be extended futher?

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