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Guide to Auto-Enrolment



    If it’s not an area of expertise already, advisers ought to brush up on the new legislation before getting involved. This is an area of no little complexity, so a strong understanding of the new rules is crucial.

    FTAdviser’s Guide to Automatic Enrolment covers off the basics of the new arrangement, as well as suggesting useful roles advisers can play and how to win profitable business from companies.

    Answers were provided by Paul Goodwin, corporate benefits director at Aviva; Allan Maxwell, managing director of Corporate Benefits Consulting; and David Triggs, senior consultant at IFG.

    In this guide

      1. How many people does the government estimate are not currently saving at all for retirement?

      2. How much will minimum contributions rise to by October 2018?

      3. According to Aviva’s Paul Goodwin, how many firms that will be establishing a new scheme have 5+ employees?

      4. When can charges for advice services be paid?

      5. According to IFG Financial Services’ David Triggs, how should advisers set out their proposition?

      6. When does Paul Goodwin suggest most employers should begin to prepare for auto-enrolment?

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