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Serenity FP hits acquisition trail as advisers look to exit

Tina Weeks, who launched the London-based firm in 2006, said the business had already gone through one acquisition, but was ready for more.

She said: “We are open to all propositions and have the capacity to take on quite a few. We pay out a percentage of income received for 10 years rather than an initial lump sum.

“We have only gone through one buyout so far and the adviser retired, but if future advisers want to stay then that is fine.”

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Ms Weeks said the proposition is aimed at advisers wishing to sell their business and leave the industry, or carry on advising within the firm.

The chartered financial and life planner said she may also recruit an adviser at the end of February, taking the advisory team to six, adding: “We have unlimited capacity for advisers. All the advisers need to be able to do is source their own business and have their own clients.”

Last year, Ms Weeks claimed it was difficult to find suitable advisers to recruit.

She said it was essential that the new candidates were diploma qualified or could demonstrate significant progress towards the diploma in financial planning.