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Ex-advisers launch SortRefer

James Boyles, director of, who set up the service with Kevin Tunnicliffe, said the site was a resource for advisers and mortgage brokers to assist clients and be remunerated for clients they previously could not offer.

He said: “The site pulls different products and services together, all under one roof, and enables the intermediary to quote, instruct, case-track and identify earnings for each client, all in the same place and in the same manner. The adviser can usually self-select the amount of any referral fee.

“Of particular interest to investment specialists will be the commercial conveyancing and legal service and the commercial survey service, as both of these present opportunities for those who advise on self-invested personal pensions where commercial property is involved.”

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Mr Boyles said there was also a refer-a-friend scheme called the Firm Ancestor Bonus, or Fab.

He said: “Just as an adviser can earn from referring a product to a client, a firm can earn for referring SortRefer itself to another firm – and the rewards can be significant, particularly for ‘early adopters’.

“Basically, SortRefer is paying away some of its marketing budget to firms who support it, use it and promote it to other firms.”

Adviser view

Steve Robinson, director of Bristol-based Clarke Robinson & Co, said: “I can imagine this would be useful for those advisers who have not been in the industry that long and have not set up the necessary connections with solicitors. I already have established relationships.”