Rising Sum launches the Buffett test for investors

The founder and chief executive of Rising Sum said investors and advisers could use to identify suitable investment opportunities using the acquisition criteria favoured by Berkshire Hathaway, Mr Buffett’s US investment firm.

He said the platform could help identify true value investments by either using the platform’s standard screening template, or by adjusting the settings to find companies that meet individual investment styles and preferences.

Advisers can also enter their clients’ stocks into the system and find out if any of their existing holdings would pass the ‘Buffett test’.

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Mr Kelly said: “We’re the first platform provider to use the investment model used by Mr Buffett and take a really fresh look at value investing. From our research we can see that, at any given time, 1 per cent of companies in any index will be in the ‘Buffett zone’.”

Hayley Tink, chartered financial planner for Norfolk-based Almary Green Investments, said: “Anything that would reduce the time you spend identifying the best investments would be very welcome as everyone’s struggling with getting to grips with the retail distribution review at the moment. This is great if it’s something that does all of that for you.”