ProtectionApr 10 2013

Discussing your future options

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ByRoger Edwards

Unbelievably this was on the basis that they may injure themselves and consequently sue the restaurant. This is complete nonsense especially when the same diners can apparently be trusted to use very sharp steak knives to eat their meals with.

But there is obviously a fear that such litigation is possible or the restaurant would not have taken such an action in the first place. Perhaps they should get their customers to sign a disclaimer or maybe they should allow tooth picks but with prominent warnings about the potential dangers of using them.

When reading an article like this, it really makes you wonder whether we are living in a fantasy land. But this combination of political correctness and the fact that we are encouraged to take absolutely no responsibility for anything anymore, because someone else is always to blame, has led us into this sad reality.

Buying protection insurance, however, is a way for breadwinners and families to take responsibility over their futures. In a recessionary environment where job security is not guaranteed and there are endless cuts to social security benefits, it makes perfect sense for people to think about insuring their income. Thanks to better diagnosis, improved treatments and the development of nationwide screening programmes for breast, bowel and cervical cancers, more people than ever before are surviving cancer and other critical illnesses. But many people do not appreciate the lasting effects of a serious illness and the affect that can have on the family finances.

Someone getting over a critical illness is not suddenly going to get up one day and be fit for work. In order to ensure a full recovery, it might be necessary to take more time off work to recuperate. This extended time off work could put further strain on the family finances if there are no contingency plans in place. It could even force someone to return to work before they are fully recovered.

Some people are taking responsibility for safeguarding their financial future by talking to advisers about their options or checking protection products out on the internet. But there are still many who have been seduced by the “buy now pay later” culture that emerged before the recession and these are the ones that are most at risk if they cannot work in the future.