AKG launches Solvency II guide

Analysis among advisers by consultancy AKG found of those who had considered the implications of Solvency II, most were concerned about pressure on annuity and prettiest rates and how older insurers with larger books would cope.

Guy Vanner, managing director of AKG, which has launched an adviser guide to Solvency II, said: “Solvency II seems to have moved forwards or backwards according to unpredictable factors.

“Political arguments over its final shape and implementation persist and recent months have seen further delays to key stages.

“Despite that, however, its existence and use is already a feature of how insurance companies are being run. As a result it is already very much part of the picture in their assessment.”

Adviser view

Tim Purdon, managing director of Ayrshire-based Paladin Financial Services, said: “I have not noticed much change so far. I do have concerns that it is another distraction that one does not need.”