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Panacea Adviser launches social media support

Derek Bradley, chief executive of Panacea Adviser, said advisers can use social media tools such as blogs, video, Facebook and Twitter, to demonstrate added value in the post-RDR world.

The Panacea Social Stream service, costing £59 a month, offers one of two packages. The first option will incorporate a bespoke strategy and social media plan, while the second, sponsored by M&G Investments, will be focused on content for blogs, videos and Twitter.

Advisers will be able to personalise content, that has been deemed compliant by CEI Compliance Service, onto their websites and Twitter feeds. The adviser will still be ultimately responsible for the content.

Mr Bradley said: “It is more important than ever for advisers to think creatively about ways to engage with current and potential customers. While social media is a great way to interact with and educate customers, creating content and keeping it up-to-date can be extremely time-consuming.

“We are excited that the Panacea Social Stream will take away this time and resource burden by providing content and allow the adviser community to reach out to clients in a new and important way.”

The M&G sponsored content package will be free until May for Panacea Adviser users and includes two blogs, 20 ready to use tweets, five Facebook and five LinkedIn updates as well as a video. Users who sign up for the free trial will also receive 6 bonus blogs.

Matthew Walne, managing director at Santorini Financial Planning, which has trialled the system, said: “Building close relationships with our clients is at the core of our growth plans and social media underpins this.

“Time and time again we have found social media reinforces our expertise and amplifies our capability. Social Stream has taken all the hard work out of this through its insightful blogs and videos, but it is their Facebook updates that have created the most amazing feedback.”