CompaniesMay 8 2013

Finance4divorce to target asset breakup

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BySimoney Girard

Mr Sood, founder of London-based Soul Mortgages and an appointed representative of Sesame, said Finance4Divorce would be unveiled in June this year, in partnership with Corrine Parke from Mayfair-based Cavendish LLP.

He said: “We are trying to make it a peaceful process with cohabitation agreements and sort out tax arrangements, to help the parties divide their assets as calmly and peaceably as possible.

“A lot of people will sell assets in divorce but not everyone will have proper advice on this. Lawyers tend to do forensic-style factfinds, to ascertain what assets the various parties have, but few offer proper financial advice.”

He said the tie-up would help the parties to come to an amicable settlement, rather than see things escalate to court, adding: “Financial disputes can be a major stumbling block in the divorce process and could take longer than the divorce itself.”

Mr Sood is setting up a new website for Finance4Divorce to provide more functionality for users, such as adding blogs and news feeds to help clients.

Ms Parke said: “The importance of advisers and solicitors working together in cases such as this is becoming more important. With Finance4Divorce, Mr Sood and I can help provide a one-stop-shop to give clients the best possible outcome when they are going through this huge emotional and financial change.”

Foxley set to unveil divorce guide for women

This news comes as Hannah Foxley, founder of Cheshunt-based The Women’s Wealth Expert, said she was increasingly being asked by her female clients for help when it comes to divorce.

She said: “I am writing a book, due in June, called The Wealthy Divorcee, – a step-by-step guide for women to help them navigate the expenses around divorce.”

Key fact

53%: The number of people who, according to Crisis, become homeless after a divorce.