Multi-managerMay 14 2013

Morningstar launches managed portfolio service

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ByMatthew Jeynes

Morningstar has launched a range of managed portfolios to provide advisers with a “complete outsourced portfolio construction service”.

The portfolios, which span a range of five risk/reward profiles from cautious to adventurous, will utilise Morningstar’s affiliate Ibbotson Associates for asset allocation and Morningstar OBSR for fund manager selection.

Investors can choose between blended active and passive versions of the portfolios, at an annual fee of 0.3 per, or a passive portfolio with a fee of 0.2 per cent, with VAT chargeable on both.

The strategy is currently available to advisers in the Argentis group via Skandia, but Morningstar said it hopes to roll out the service to other adviser groups and platforms in the coming months.