CompaniesMay 15 2013

Diary of an adviser: Martin Evans

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My clients, a couple, arrive, we revisit attitude to risk and their risk rating comes out as ‘high risk’.

We then spend the next hour clarifying, as I know they are not high risk. Clients want high returns, but little risk – don’t we all? It is strange that, however you word the questions, the clients always see the gains and ignore the losses. I explained it is my job to protect them

from themselves and we eventually agree he is a balanced investor and she is a cautious investor and agree on the portfolio. I wish I knew the risk-profiling tool was up to the regulator’s standard, whatever that is. We read so much about this.

I have a quick bite to eat while I look at today’s mail, then check emails, read a few articles and add my thoughts to the blogs.

At 1.30pm I start completing submission, the suitability report and I update records for this morning’s meeting. In the afternoon I have a first appointment from a referral. The meeting goes well and two hours later I leave with instructions for an investment. Now, a pint before home?


At 9am I am in the office, and I have a meeting with colleagues and staff for the next hour and half. Some of the issues raised are RDR, regulation, providers’ poor response times and marketing strategies. Having checked my emails, there are some guidance notes from the regulator and our PI, so I spend the next hour and half reading. After lunch I call a few clients, make some appointments and at 1.30pm start research for last night’s appointment. At 3.30pm I go for a walk to clear my head before returning to the office where I make a few phone calls then have a review meeting with a client.

By 7.30pm I am home, and spend some down time with my son Marcus and my wife Andrea.


I am at a meeting from 9.30am until 4.30pm – I have to get that CPD in and actually some good information was given, I just need to find time to implement it. I love Wednesdays as I take my son Marcus to rugby training, so no work tonight.