Personal PensionMay 29 2013

‘Men happier gender in retirement’

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The survey of 678 pensioners found that men enjoy taking up new hobbies and are happy relaxing around the house.

Women, however, were more likely to feel lonely, have less money to spend on hobbies and worry more about their finances.

Stacey Stothard, corporate communications manager for Skipton commented: “The results show 48 per cent of men love every minute of their retirement, compared to 38 per cent of women.

“It can be a shock to the system to find you have 24 hours a day, seven days a week to yourself. And this new-found freedom gives women plenty of time to think about money worries, boredom and ill health.”

Men are more likely to book holidays – 60 per cent compared to 51 per cent of women. The survey showed men are also more likely to spend their time walking, visiting historical landmarks and finding things around the house to fix.


Gillian Riddell, adviser in the Glasgow office of Edinburgh Investment Consultants, said: “Many of women’s worries in retirement could perhaps be addressed by taking ownership of their financial circumstances as early as possible and putting a financial plan in place to meet their needs in retirement. We all enjoy our lifestyles and don’t want to give them up, so it can be helpful to start with the end in mind and see a financial adviser well before retirement.”