Your IndustryJun 12 2013

Getting to grips with Ssas

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Topics that will be covered at the workshops will include Ssas versus Sipp, the mechanics of a Ssas, annual lifetime allowance limits, contribution planning and flexible investment options.

Ian Hammond, Rowanmoor’s managing director, said: “With SSAS seeing a recent resurgence, the workshops are designed to help educate financial advisers and ensure they are fully aware of the advantages the plans can offer to their clients, especially as the product’s unique loanback feature is becoming increasingly attractive to small businesses in the current economic climate. Our Ssas experts will be on hand at the workshops to offer practical ideas for effective financial and retirement planning solutions, covering the mechanics and the question of Ssas versus Sipp.”


“They’ve been ignored in favour of Sipps over recent years, yet the product has had a long track record and it won’t hurt for more to see why. Compared with Sipps, which have the advantage of coming from the personal, rather than the corporate pension world, they seem complex. So many people shy away from them. We advise on Sipps and Ssas so we know both have their place.”