Socially responsible investing: Moral capitalism


    Social good is seldom associated with stock markets, and even less so when global heavyweights like Nike, Olympus and BP find themselves mired in controversy. However, while many equity analysts are still likely to argue that investing is all about securing maximum returns, it is hard to ignore the closer scrutiny placed on corporate ethics since the financial crisis.

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    1. What does the term ‘negative screening’ mean?

    2. What is the assets under management figure for the CIS Sustainable Leaders fund?

    3. What percentage of UK consumers want financial product providers to pay more attention to environmental, social and governance risks?

    4. What is Henderson’s policy on profits derived from tobacco?

    5. Which of the following is NOT a criticism of ethical investing?

    6. Whart was the five year cumulative return on an initial £1,000 investment in the Kames Ethical Equity fund, according to the survey?

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