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Maks Slipaczek to join father and brother in firm

Filip Slipaczek, who recently enlisted his son Aleks, is getting ready to welcome his younger son Maks, who is set to join the firm in 2014.

Maks, who has a degree in marketing and finance from the University of Essex, is taking a year out to be vice president of his student union, before joining his father and brother.

According to Maks, the three men “intend to really push and expand the business”, with a possible name change to come once the brothers are fully chartered.

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Maks said: “The financial services industry is an ever-growing, exciting sector within the UK economy. With the introduction of the RDR and standards being raised, this makes it a much more appealing field for a graduate such as myself to enter.”

Last year, Mr Slipaczek’s older son Aleks joined the practice after completing a four-year MA in finance at the University of Aberdeen.

Both brothers will start their careers with several industry credits because of their degrees, but neither will be giving any financial advice until they are level-six qualified. This is a strict policy within the practice to promote higher standards.

Keeping it in the family

• Nick Bamford, executive director for Informed Choice, has several members of the Bamford family working for the Surrey-based firm: his wife Andrea, who is client services director, and his son, Martin, is managing director. “I also have Rosie the office dog,” he said, “although she doesn’t really count. But many congratulations to Mr Slipaczek – he now has two more safe pairs of hands to take the business forward.”

• Nigel Speirs, head of distribution for Sanlam, was followed into the profession by his daughter Sarah Waring, who in 2009 won Financial Adviser’s Life and Pensions Award for best newly qualified adviser.