Adviser fails in bid to buy CI cover for MS sufferer

Tracey Evans, director of West Sussex-based Ashley Law, said she was “just trying to do the best thing” by her client, who was diagnosed with the illness at the age of 18.

The bid for cover was rejected by the underwriting departments of major life companies and Ms Evans does not know of any alternative providers which could offer a CI policy.

She said: “My client understands that multiple sclerosis will be treated as pre-existing medical condition and is likely to be loaded as well.

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“The providers’ reluctance must be related to complications and other conditions that arise from multiple sclerosis, such as permanent disability and the possible problems this would create in terms of finding and keeping work.

“However my client is young and very keen to get cover in place for her future. I’m not a naive adviser – I’ve had many years of experience in this industry – but this case has left me scratching my head.”

Livi Jenkinson, marketing manager for Pulse, a high-risk insurer, said its underwriters specialise in providing life insurance for people who have been declined cover on the standard market.

However the firm was unable to provide CI for people who have already been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, but added: “We have successfully provided life insurance for multiple sclerosis sufferers.”

Specialist View

Kevin Carr, managing director of protection consultancy Kevin Carr Consulting, said: “Multiple sclerosis is one of the major reasons for claims on CI policies and it is therefore difficult to insure someone who has already suffered from a serious condition.

“Also CI isn’t really about the risk of death, it is more about the financial impact of living with or surviving a serious illness, which is why it is notably more expensive than life cover.”