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‘13m days lost a year due to mental health issues’

The analysis found that a total of 13m working days can be lost each year in the UK because of mental health issues, such as stress, depression and anxiety.

Christine Husbands, managing director of Red Arc, said it was vital for employers and employees to have contingency support in place.

Red Arc has launched a mental health programme which aims to help people reduce their levels of depression and anxiety.

Ms Husbands said that in recent pilot studies of the programme three out of four people claimed they had recovered to normal mood levels and everyday coping capacity within three to four months.

She added: “The programme is ideally structured to provide continuing support to all these groups to help them reach the best outcome possible in their own particular circumstances.”

The programme provides tailored advice, information and emotional support and can also be used for non-workplace situations such as children with leukaemia and pensioners.

Adviser view

Ian Howell, IFA for Norfolk-based Capital Tower, said: “I am surprised by the figures for lost days being as high as 13m. That is a lot of lost working days and is remarkable. Mental health problems have caused big concerns. I suppose longer working hours and increased workloads makes something such as Red Arc’s mental heath programme especially necessary.”