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Guide to Commodity Investing



    Commodities could provide the yield investors were looking for but, more importantly, the FSA noted investors began taking greater advantage of the negative price correlation to bonds and equities to diversify their portfolios.

    This guide will make sure you understand how Commodities perform in relation to other types of assets and who should consider ploughing their cash into this type of investment.

    Contributors to this guide include Evy Hambro, chief investment officer of the BlackRock Natural Resources Equity team, Catherine Raw, portfolio manager at BlackRock, and Nicole Vettise, client portfolio manager of JPM Natural Resources fund.

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    1. Which of the following is a Commodity?

    2. What is the most direct exposure to Commodities?

    3. What correlation has analysis shown Commodities have with inflation, unexpected inflation and changes in inflation?

    4. Academic research has shown that Commodities have historically displayed what type of correlation with equities and bonds?

    5. What level of volatility do commodities display?

    6. Is buying a share in a product that owns physical gold less expensive than accessing Commodities through a fund?

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