Obituary: Nick Dewhirst

Nick Dewhirst, the investment professional, has died at the age of 64

He died in his sleep on 19 July. Mr Dewhirst founded Investors Routemap, an advice-only securities firm in 1998, and was a frequent contributor to Financial Adviser.

Before founding Investors RouteMap, Mr Dewhirst spent more than a quarter of a century in the City advising European institutional investors and individuals on foreign markets. He has been a specialist in the British Stock market, mining shares, the USA and Continental Europe.

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He was also a director of Integral Asset Management, a fund management business.

Before his death Mr Dewhirst was about to launch a book, in conjunction with fellow IAM directors Hywel George and Richard Yarlott, called “Maximise Your Odds of Investment Success”.

However the book launch has been postponed until later in the year.