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ISBE workshop to examine growth of SMEs in industry

Titled, Partnering to Deliver SME Growth: Developing Higher Education as Institutional Anchors through Research-led Business Support, the workshop will take place on 2 September at University College London.

This follows on from a previous seminar, Researching Growth in SMEs, held in Manchester earlier in the year, and will build on some key issues concerning the strengths and weaknesses of research.

In particular, the workshop will focus on the type of support that could be provided to the business community through a combination of quantitative and qualitative research and methods to get networks to help assist these approaches.

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An example of a successful project that combines multi-methods and longitudinal research with direct business engagement and support is also planned.

Furthermore, group sessions will consider how broader models for generating SME growth could be established and how the industry can effectively work together to help support this.

The cost of attendance is £70 for members of the ISBE, and £90 for non-members.


Duncan Carter, director of Lancashire-based Clearwater Financial, said: “Anything to help small businesses is good because they will power economic recovery. Larger firms take longer and we need less intellectually and hypothetically driven bureaucracy, which is expensive and largely ineffective. If 50 per cent of the content is useful or relevant, that’s good. Small businesses struggle with the time and cost spent on dealing with bureaucracy, which just increases. In the public sector with large firms there is little joined-up thinking, so my reaction to a seminar being offered by an institution on how to run a small business is often, ‘How would you know?’”