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Solicitor hunts for adviser to co-run seminars

David Goodier, technical director at DG Equity Matters in Barnsley, put the call out to the advisory community, asking for advisers who can jointly run seminars across England and Wales on estate planning.

When asked about responses, Mr Goodier said he had been surprised by the interest generated. He said: “There has been far more interest from advisers than I anticipated, and that has been fabulous.”

Mr Goodier, who has been a consultant to the Wesleyan Assurance Society and to Bradford & Bingley, said he had recently been appointed to organise referrals and presentations for an unnamed solicitor operating across the UK.

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Mr Goodier said: “We’ll be looking for anyone interested in running joint solicitor and financial adviser seminars for the general public to generate both advisory and obviously legal work too.

“The last time I did this was with a couple of Bradford & Bingley advisers. It was very successful for both of us.”



The Solicitors Regulation Authority has been increasingly approving alternative business structures following a change to the Legal Services Act in 2011. This allows solicitors to tie up with advisers in joint ventures, though they can also apply for a license to offer legal services through other types of business, such as banks and supermarkets.