Scot Prov tool to help advisers sell CI cover

Scottish Provident has launched a website for advisers with a comprehensive toolkit for use when speaking to clients about critical illness cover.

Scottish Provident says the website encourages clients to think about the level of financial protection they might need as it prompts advisers to ask, ‘what happens if...?’

It includes a variety of resources including statistics on critical illness claims, sales aids and online tools – such as client facing sales aids that advisers can personalise with their own logo and contact details.

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Jennifer Gilchrist, senior product development manager at Scottish Provident, said: “Any adviser seeking to discuss critical illness with a client will want to go about it in the most sensitive way possible.

“However, it can be difficult to combine this approach with a more pragmatic one which includes questions around how people might cope in the event of an illness or a loss of an income.

“These conversations are never easy, which is why we have we launched a website to help build a case for critical illness cover. Noone likes to think about worst case scenarios, but it is far better to confront them sooner rather than later, to ensure there is sufficient cover in place should people find themselves in the position of needing it.”