Ashcourt Rowan blames slow providers for platform problems

Product providers failed to deliver the clean Retail Distribution Review-ready share classes in the timescale Ashcourt Rowan had hoped for, Jonathan Polin, group chief executive of Ashcourt Rowan, said.

Mr Polin said providers’ moves to clean share classes were beset with technical issues, delaying Ashcourt Rowan’s efforts to move their clients funds onto their own financial planning advisory platform.

Secondly, Mr Polin said efforts to move the cash had also been set back by the advised process for its clients under the new replacement business rules being slower than he had anticipated.

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Mr Polin said: “However, the project is now well underway and, although it will take a number of years to complete, the outcome will be worth the additional effort as we will enable our clients to see all of their assets in one place.”