Product review: PFS CPD Essentials tool

The Personal Finance Society (PFS) has launched CPD Essentials, a new continuing professional development support solution. Aimed to provide advisers with a user-friendly learning and online tool, it has been developed to help meet the regulatory 35 hours CPD requirement.

There are six subject areas: financial services; investment principles & risk; personal taxation; regulation & ethics; pensions & retirement planning; protection; and planning practice. Within the six areas are 28 additional individual e-briefing programmes proving straightforward guidance maintained by experts.

The tool is powered by the PFS’s parent group, the Chartered Insurance Institute (CII) and allows members to access their developing knowledge while structuring their CPD activity over the course of a year and record exactly what they have already done for auditing purposes.

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It will link to the PFS’s current CPD options, a part of the PFS membership and provides a greater choice and options to further their CPD content.


A little late to the party, but the more the merrier. Launched eight months after RDR, the PFS has evidently taken its time preparing its members for its new CPD tool. The tool joins similar products, including FTAdviser’s own tracker.

As CPD is clearly more than just box-ticking, having a tool to go beyond simple compliance is a positive.

For some, it is difficult to fit in 35 hours. To have a tool which allows proper time planning, structuring CPD and continued learning, can only be a good thing.

PFS members will be able to access everything within their accounts. The tool will have monthly updates to remain up to date and will also automatically record CPD activity.

CPD Essentials will let the adviser record activity undertaken outside the tool, thus allowing all information to be centrally in one place rather than in multiple areas. It will also have a self-test facility for advisers to test themselves and their on going knowledge to check their CPD is up to scratch.