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Scottish Provident pays out £53m for first-half CI claims

During the first half of 2013, it paid out £53m in total for CI claims, 66 per cent of which were for cancer.

Only 2 per cent of the 9 per cent rejected were for grounds of non-disclosure.

Ian Smart, head of product development and technical support for Scottish Provident, said: “Suffering a critical illness can be distressing enough, without compounding this with financial concerns about how to cope with the loss of a regular income.

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“We are committed to paying out as many CI claims as possible. Swift financial support can make all the difference to both a claimant and their family.”


Average pay out: £90,478

Maximum claim: exceeded £600,000.

Cancer remains the major cause of most illness claims at 66 per cent, followed by heart attack at 12 per cent and stroke at 6 per cent.

Breast cancer accounts for 31 per cent of all cancer claims made over the first six months of the year.

Total payout: £53m.

Rejections for non-disclosure: 2%.

Scottish Provident and Bright Grey are the Royal London Group UK protection brands.

Adviser tweet

@ScotsProvSayNo This still means that nearly 10 per cent of all claims are refused. Not good and a lot more could be done. Also it is worse than the previous year of 93 per cent paid claims. Interesting though that friendlies [Friendly Societies] pays out 97 per cent to 99.8 per cent of claims but don’t sell task-based policies.”