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UK and European Equities - September 2013



    Whatever uncertainty the challenging economic backdrop has created, however, whether or not to invest in European equities is a question far removed from the macroeconomic reality.

    For example, UK plc has actually performed admirably and steadily over the past two years and the FTSE was rising long before the economy began to rebound in recent months. In Europe there has similarly a bountiful supply of robust companies displaying resilience to the wider economic malaise and favourable valuations have made finding them a profitable business.

    The interesting question for investors, therefore, is how does the undoubtedly welcome change in economic fortunes across Europe alter the investment case for these markets? Has the irrevocable effect in terms of increasing values undermined the argument for staying close to home?

    Further, does the global exposure that has facilitated their contrarian performance relative to the economy still hold the appeal it did? If it does, then coupled with the improving figures relating to economies across the continent these funds now represent an even more compelling option for investors.

    This special report is published in association with Franklin Templeton investments. For information on UK equity funds click here, or for details on European funds click here.

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    1. How far is the UK behind its pre-recession GDP peak, according to Schroders’ Ms Noffke?

    2. Combined net assets of European Ucits and non-Ucits funds have increased by 3.2 per cent since the end of 2012 according to Efama, to what?

    3. And what were last month’s flows into retail fixed-income funds, according to Morningstar?

    4. What could be the GDP impact of the end to asuterity measures in Europe in 2014, according to Neptune’s Mr Burnett?

    5. What did the IMA UK All Companies sector return in the five years to 4 September 2013?

    6. And what was the return of the IMA Global sector over the same period?

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