Protection Watch: Launch pad

Jennifer Gilchrist, senior product development manager for Scottish Provident, said this would be “a first” for the intermediary market as the definition has been expanded to increase the number of successful heart attack claims.

Some of the changes:

- According to the new definition, only a rise in troponin levels must be evident to claim. This replaces the previous definition that troponins had to be above a minimum level

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- Scots Prov has also extended its cancer and major organ transplant definitions to achieve ABI+ status.

- Cancer definition now covers chronic lymphocytic leukaemia where a clear diagnosis is made but it has not progressed to Binet Stage A.

- Skin cancers are also included – basal cell carcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma – where they have invaded and spread to lymph nodes or distant organs.

- The major organ transplant definition has been extended to provide cover for the transplant of the whole lobe of the lung or liver.

IFA VERDICT: Alan Lakey of Hertfordshire-based Highclere Financial Services, said:

“Cancer and heart attack are the conditions responsible for most claims. It is encouraging that Scottish Provident has focused on improving these two claim wordings. Similarly, extending organ transplant coverage to include lobe of liver or lung ensures that clients will not have a claim unreasonably rejected.”