Hoskins FP on the hunt to increase to 10 advisers

Paul Hoskin, director of Hoskin Financial Planning, revealed that he wants to handle more general insurance business in-house, rather than outsourcing it, with the help of more specialist advisers.

He said he was on the hunt for a mortgage adviser and would not rule out recruiting a paraplanner, should the business expand further.

Mr Hoskin said: “I have already got two advisers potentially on the table, but I am looking for a nice, round figure of 10. Our business could present an attractive exit strategy for advisers within larger firms, or we could offer a small advisory firm the support it needs.”

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He also hopes to establish an apprenticeship scheme to generate a fresh pipeline of talent for the up-and-coming firm.

Mr Hoskins said his firm already offered appealing flexibility to advisers with families, with female advisers already at the firm working from home.

“I am a big believer in offering flexibility. One of my female advisers has children, so she can to work from home as and when she needs to. Often, she gets her work done in the evening when her children go to bed and that is made possible by an understanding arrangement that we have.”

Mr Hoskins said that running a training programme at the firm would also help to ensure that advisers were “properly qualified”, adding that he would draw on his experience as a financial services lecturer at Colchester Institute.


Paul Davis, financial adviser at Essex-based Clear Financial Advice, said: “Trying to entice anyone into this line of work right now is not easy, as there is a huge amount of liability that falls on advisers, which does not go away even after they have left the profession. You have to wonder what other job would follow you in that way. There is also the risk that firms could invest a lot of time and money in a trainee only for them to leave once they are qualified.”