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Product review: Advisertech

Advisers looking to improve online presence – and make money from it – are being targeted by Advisertech, a new online training platform launched by Cornwall-based IFA Pete Matthew.

A veteran of YouTube and a prolific tweeter, Mr Matthew will offer training videos, blogs, practical guidance and discussion forums as he looks to build a community.

Subscribers will get access to at least one piece of content per week, focused around a monthly theme, which will steadily build a comprehensive archive to help train advisers to fully exploit their online presence.

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The service will guide intermediaries in how to build their own websites as well as exploring how to make the best use of what Mr Matthew calls “embassies”: social platforms like YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Google+, all of which offer opportunities to build business.

Subscription is set at £25 per month, a rate that will be fixed for the entirety of any new joiner’s membership.


Although ubiquitous, social media is still a relatively new phenomenon. There is no shortage of self-proclaimed experts vying to share knowledge on how to make a fortune, but Mr Matthew’s practical experience should make him more qualified than most.

At launch there is limited content available but the weekly updates, supplemented by occasional ad hoc contributions, should quickly build into a library.

The service will then live or die on the quality and usefulness of its content.

Mr Matthew claims his social media activity was the second highest generator of new business for his firm during 2012 (after referrals). If Advisertech members buy into the ideas he espouses and are willing to take the time to put them into practice, measuring value will be a straightforward calculation.

Users just need to generate more than £25 of business each month as a result and the subscription will cover its costs.