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Diary of Adviser: Flora Maudsley-Barton

Flora Maudsley-Barton

Flora Maudsley-Barton


One topic is recruitment. We need another adviser, someone (at least) on the way to chartered, who wants to offer our proposition to their own clients and wants to continue to develop.

I have only four client meetings this week because it will be a heavy week with other work. Even though I planned it that way, I still get a pang of empty-diary angst that used to worry me as a rookie adviser. I am reminded of when it took a conscious effort to line up good first meetings, second meetings, professional connections and good learning events (avoiding ‘that-could-be-interesting’-type seminars).

Ian (an adviser) asks me for a short meeting regarding a case he is working on. He is reviewing a client’s old PPP and is puzzled by the projection; the fund value’s is £46,000 but the projection is £6.4m. After counting the zeros a few times we conclude that, yes, this projection really is more than four times the lifetime allowance. If Ian was hoping for more insight from me than laughter and my agreeing with his suggestion ‘typo?’, he does not show it. I am no stranger to insurance company error but that was a good one.

I have to prepare a short bio to go on to our new investment committee website that we are building with our analyst, Steve Williams of Cormorant Capital Strategies. I really must get that done but this task seems to spend its time near the top of the list without ever making it into pole position. It does not happen on Monday.


I review the PowerPoint slides for the Chartered Connections event I am chairing on Thursday morning. Weightmans is very kindly hosting it for us in Manchester.

I follow up on a referral received this morning. The client is based in the same village I am already visiting this afternoon. Once in a lifetime diary management gets this easy, so I agree to call in to his office at 5pm.

I play telephone-tennis with a family solicitor. We are working on a pension share together but have spent the day missing each other.

I also speak to our solicitor, who is drafting a contract for us – a local adviser we know well wants us to offer our proposition to his clients, to allow him to retire.

I head out for the scheduled review meeting with a long-standing client, followed by the unexpected meeting afterwards.

I am having dinner with a friend this evening, she is cooking so I stop off for Prosecco and cake.

My 50-word bio still does not get done.


Team meeting number two as Anne starts her ‘week’ today.

I have a meeting with a new client, in the office this time. She needs help with a settlement she has been offered.