Aberdeen to rename 13 funds

Aberdeen is set to rename 13 of its funds in order to clarify their objectives.

The changes, which come into force on January 1 2014, include renaming Devan Kaloo’s £3.1bn Aberdeen Emerging Markets fund as the Aberdeen Emerging Markets Equity fund and renaming Hugh Young’s £2.3bn Aberdeen Asia Pacific fund as the Aberdeen Asia Pacific Equity fund.

A spokesperson for Aberdeen said the changes were intended to “make it more clear the asset class and the part of the market [the funds] invest in”.

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The spokesperson said that only the names of the funds would change and that there would be no change of strategy on any of the affected funds.

The full list of name changes is as follows:

Original nameNew name

Aberdeen American Equity

Aberdeen North American Equity
Aberdeen Asia Pacific and Japan Aberdeen Asia Pacific and Japan Equity
Aberdeen Asia Pacific Aberdeen Asia Pacific Equity
Aberdeen Corporate Bond Aberdeen Sterling Corporate Bond
Aberdeen Emerging Markets Aberdeen Emerging Markets Equity
Aberdeen Ethical World Aberdeen Ethical World Equity
Aberdeen European Frontiers Aberdeen Eastern European Equity
Aberdeen European Smaller Companies Aberdeen European Smaller Companies Equity
Aberdeen Japan Growth Aberdeen Japan Equity
Aberdeen Strategic Bond Aberdeen World Strategic Bond
Aberdeen UK Mid-Cap Aberdeen UK Mid-Cap Equity
Aberdeen UK Smaller Companies Aberdeen UK Smaller Companies Equity
Aberdeen World Growth and Income Aberdeen World Equity Income