Bureau urges hard-hitting Aviva advert

The head of client relations for national firm Health Claims Bureau welcomed news that the life insurer was preparing for another television advertising campaign to help raise awareness of the need for better protection.

She said: “The insurance policies that are compulsory in the UK are motor insurance, if you drive, and employers’ liability, if you are an employer.

“We buy buildings insurance and life insurance when our mortgage lender insists, so why don’t we take out insurance to cover us against catastrophic events?

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“Do we perceive that we are immortal or immune? Aviva is going to have another go at a hard-hitting protection advertising campaign. Well, good luck.”

Ms Gamble added that consumers have “got to recognise” the need to buy insurance, adding: “If we don’t do this, what hope is there for buying anything that will provide for our long-term care needs?”