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Raising the subject of critical illness

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Guide to Critical Illness

Kevin Carr, chief executive of Protection Review, says the advisers who are most successful when it comes to selling protection start their conversations with clients by talking about protection needs.

He says they avoid leaving the subject of protection until the end - which some advisers have traditionally done - because that, by default, implies that it is not important.

“There are a range of ways to introduce protection into the conversation including using television advertising, the press, claim statistics and more.”

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Alan Lakey, senior partner at advisory firm Highclere Financial Services, says advisers should raise the subject of critical illness cover with a client whenever the opportunity arises.

“Property purchase has always been seen as the most obvious method of raising the subject but other key triggers are birth of a child, marriage, promotion at work. In short, it is always suitable to raise the subject when a client does not have the necessary protection for himself or his family.”

Jennifer Gilchrist, senior product development manager of Bright Grey and Scottish Provident, says critical illness should be mentioned at the same time as other protection cover.

“It is never too early [to mention critical illness]. Your clients don’t just need it when they are taking out mortgage protection. It is needed as a financial safety net to help if they are diagnosed with a critical illness, which could strike at any time.

“Providing cover to support your clients while they are saving up to get their first home is equally as important. You don’t want your clients having their dreams put off because of sickness or disability.”