You could be a winner at the Game of Life

We all remember the catchy nineties television advertisement for the family favourite Hasbro board game, The Game of Life. Don’t we?

OK, maybe it bypassed a few people from a younger generation. Those of you that do remember may think the adjective ‘catchy’ oversells it a little, and that ‘nineties’ did the required descriptive job just fine.

Either way, the catchphrase that formed the main thrust of the ditty is about to take on new significance. For you really can be a winner with a specially designed spin off of the classic game for protection intermediaries, produced by Zurich and now live on on FTAdviser.

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This time it’s more than just pride and bragging rights up for grabs: one adviser will win a brand new iPad tablet computer, while one advisory firm will walk away with a group experience prize for their players to enjoy.

In your attempt to take home the prizes you’ll go on the same life journey the game is known for, riding the rollercoaster of varying fortunes from getting married and buying your first home to falling off the career ladder, all the while trying to build your wealth.

As in the classic edition of the game, when you’ve reached the end of your life, the winning player will be the one that has accumulated the most money.

The difference with this unique version of the game is that the major life events you come across will highlight possible protection needs. When should you take out income protection or critical illness cover, what level of life insurance do you need?

As with the classic version of the game, your decisions will be key to winning the game - and as you go along you will be presented with information on the variety of protection products that are available.

After all, what is the point in building wealth if you don’t protect it and maintain it?

The game is now available on FTAdviser and can be accessed through the Strengthening Protection In Focus page. To visit the page and catch up on all the latest news, views and analysis, click here.