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Money Management November issue now online

This month’s cover story explores what happens when a big name fund manager leaves, looking at several high profile departures of recent years and examining the impact, if any, on the funds they left behind. And the editor’s comment argues that Invesco Perpetual will not fall apart without Mr Woodford.

Elsewhere we present our first annual auto-enrolment survey, providing a comprehensive overview of the market one year on from the first staging date, and just as the smaller employers are starting to get involved, presenting a new opportunity for advisers.

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This month’s adviser toolkit looks at the importance of constantly monitoring your business and ensuring strong compliance, while two advisers go head to head in advocate to debate whether it is fair for the FCA to name and shame ahead of enforcement action. Elsewhere, Nucleus’s David Ferguson takes the Q and A hotseat, telling us why advice will always be necessary.

Finally, the latest Money Management statistics are available as a PDF and our regular spotlight writers tackle a variety of important industry issues:

Mortgage spotlight: What happens when lenders raise tracker rates regardless of the base rate?

Tax spotlight: Personal representatives and capital gains tax.

Pensions spotlight: Why communication is key to getting auto-enrolment right.

Investments spotlight: Structural shifts are changing the financial world we think we understand.

Protection spotlight: Where to find protection for people with diabetes.

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