Fraudsters citing Treasury in email scams

Fraudsters are using the name of HM Treasury to lend credence to their scams, the government has warned.

According to the Treasury, recent scam correspondence has cited or claimed to be working on behalf of HM Treasury, or has used the name of real Cabinet Office ministers.

In a statement the Treasury warned: “Mass-marketing fraud, when you receive uninvited contact by email, phone or letter to con you out of money, is a multi-million pound industry and new scams are emerging all the time.

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“HM Treasury and its agencies will never contact you asking for money or personal details.”

The Treasury provides a list of known scams using its name to cajole people into opening attachments containing viruses, sharing personal information or even making payments.

These include emails claiming to be a ‘notice of underreported income’ or a ‘tax refund report’.

As well as emails, fraudsters contact targets via text message, phone calls or post.