LGIM index portfolio range rolls out to fund platforms

The multi-asset manager for LGIM said the L&G Multi-Index portfolio range, which launched in August, is soon to be live on Skandia, Standard Life and Aviva’s platforms.

The range will also be available directly from November.

The funds use risk grading from Distribution Technology, primarily invest in LGIM’s passive products for access to equities and bonds.

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However, where appropriate, they will use active exposure to gain access to markets not covered by the passive range, like the £866m L&G UK Property Trust.

Mr Onuekwusi said: “I have been running risk-targeted multi-asset portfolios for three years and have been asking advisers what they want from their post-RDR multi-asset proposition.

“They say they want something that is RDR-compliant, has active asset allocation, is transparent and easy for the client to understand, as well as being cost-effective.

“Because LGIM has scale, we can create a cost-effective proposition for the post-RDR world.”


AMC - 0.25%

Overall fees:

Multi-Index 3: 0.31%

Multi-Index 4: 0.31%

Multi-Index 5: 0.32%

Multi-Index 6: 0.32%

Multi-Index 7: 0.34%

Source: L&G

Emma Wilkinson, investment management director for Hertfordshire-based Richmond House Group, said: “We feel there is value in active management as passive funds can be very concentrated because of the nature of the index structure. So, on the whole, it would not be at the top of the list of our client recommendations, although it might be suitable for some.”