Product review: Bright Grey income protection

Bright Grey has launched a new income protection product which aims to be easier for new customers to claim on.

The firm says the redesigned product will offer 95 per cent of clients an ‘own occupation’ definition, which will either be full own occupation cover or ‘own occupation for one year’ offered to those working full-time who are not eligible for the full definition.

The new definition is designed to make it easier to claim when the customer is not well enough to return to work. They will be assessed against seven serious illnesses, including cancer, and if they do not meet the criteria for those listed, nine ‘everyday tasks’ will be assessed. Should the customer be unable to complete three of the tasks, the payment will continue to be made.

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As with a typical income protection product, it will pay out until the policyholder recovers, reaches the end of their term, reaches the end of their payment period or if they die.


It is perhaps one of the simplest forms in the protection world, but income protection is also the most overlooked as consumers believe it will never happen to them. It is essentially designed to protect up to roughly 70 per cent of your income should you become too unwell to work.

So with that in mind, any product aiming to make it easier for the consumer to get a policy and to subsequently claim can only be seen as a positive.

By providing a clear list of serious illnesses and everyday tasks, it should theoretically improve consumer confidence in this often disregarded form of insurance.

Recovering from a serious illness is difficult enough for anyone, so Bright Grey has added having access to a personal nurse adviser and rehabilitation case manager to its product, helping the policyholder even more.

Perhaps by making claims easier, it may allow the consumer to not overlook saving what is your most important asset – your income.