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Mas claims its advice inspired 184k to action

The Money Advice Service insists people are being nudged in a positive direction when it comes to managing their money after speaking to their “advisers”.

Money Advice Service claims 184,000 customers took positive steps after speaking to their staff between April and June 2013.

Caroline Rookes, chief executive of the Money Advice Service, said: “This data from our first quarterly tracker sheds new light on what people choose to do as a result of receiving money advice.

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“Although this first wave only covers three months, and a small sample of our customers, from a research perspective this is a really positive step forward.

“The methodology we have created – in collaboration with behaviour change and research experts – allows us to dig deeper than ever before into this area which is extremely hard to analyse.

“We are erring on the side of caution when we estimate 184,000 actions were taken between April and June 2013, but these figures are a strong signal that the service can really motivate people not just to think about how they manage their money, but to do something as a result.

“We’re very cautious at this stage not to read too much into the figures, given how difficult it is to measure actions rather than just intentions. But these early indicators are encouraging.”