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Adviser in leads complaint against consumer firm

Mr Buckley alleged the Swansea-based firm delivered half of the leads he paid for, with those provided representing smaller pension pots than originally promised. He said he has asked for replacement , none of which matched up to original estimates of what the leads were worth.

He asked for a refund on three particular leads, but claimed that he has been unable to reach the company’s managing director, Marc Standish, to discuss this. He was referred to the company by Hampshire-based leads generation firm Home Buyer Solutions, after its managing director, Richard Angliss, advertised potential pension appointments on social networking site Linkedin.

Mr Angliss confirmed that the company was running a referral programme to provide advice on pension transfers for customers of Save Britain Money. He said: “This is a matter between Mr Buckley and Mr Standish, but I am extremely anxious to resolve this problem as this is the only complaint that I have received about this partcular partner.”

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Mr Standish said: “Mr Buckley received a relatively small number of leads after contracting for our services in May 2013.

“He confirmed that six of the nine leads received were, in his words, ‘fine’ and that three needed to be replaced. We queried two of these, because the customer provided a different version of events to that provided by Mr Buckley in his reasoning for the leads not meeting criteria.

“One customer claimed the adviser had not attended the set appointment. We did, however, agree to replace these leads, only for Mr Buckley to state that the experience had not been satisfactory and that he wished for us to refund him the £750.

“I informed Mr Buckley that, as per our terms of business, we would provide replacements for any leads that did not meet criteria. I explained this in an e-mail in July and received no reply. We offered replacements to Mr Buckley, even in instances where it was questionable whether the lead hadn’t come to fruition.”