Vanguard adds six modules to learning website for advisers

Daniel Liberto

The new modules include video tutorials, topical guides and a quiz aimed at helping financial advisers prepare for everyday challenges.

The first four modules offer advice on managing risk and building value, gaining a better understanding of clients’ life goals, evaluating client data to write an effective investment plan, and a five-step guide on how to construct a portfolio.

The other two provide an insight on implementing plans, which include navigating through the outsourcing versus in-house investment debate and how to measure client progress against goals and rates of return.

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Each module is followed by an online test that, upon successful completion, will present the adviser with a CPD certificate.

Neil Cowell, head of retail sales at Vanguard Asset Management, said: “Our initial modules received such positive feedback that we have responded to adviser requests to give practical guidance covering the entire advice process.

“We believe that today’s adviser should be a financial coach, helping clients establish and achieve their life goals. Our aim is to equip advisers with the knowledge and tools that will enable them to thrive, not just survive, in a fee-based world.”

Vanguard claims its website has had in excess of 16,000 visitors since its launch in October.


Adviser comment:

James Robson, independent financial adviser at London-based Plutus Wealth Management, said: “This doesn’t appear to be anything new. The fact that Vanguard has formalised it into a CDP process is good, but the actual content is not new. It is good, however, that it comes from a fund house and not from the usual life insurance provider.”