4th place: Good customer outcomes drive Tenet Group success

The adviser support group, which made £1.5bn in gross sales, has also upped its efforts to ensure positive customer outcomes and has been actively involved in social media, an effort which has seen it become the most followed network on Twitter.

Helen Turner, distribution and development director for Tenet, said: “We have embraced change in a positive manner and evolved the Tenet proposition accordingly.

“Wherever possible we support adviser choice, support both restricted and independent advisers and offer network and support service propositions in the investment and non-investment markets.”

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Besides talking up the national firm’s open-arm approach, Ms Turner said another characteristic that distinguishes Tenet from its rival competitors is its flexibility.

She said: “Tenet does not mandate regarding members’ regulatory status, whereas some competitors appear to be coercing or mandating advisers into their restricted propositions.”

Ms Turner referred to the network group as a “a safe haven for advisers” because of its support strategies and financial strength. She said the theme of supporting advisers in the long-term will continue, despite increased cost pressures in the industry.

RDR proved to be a tough challenge for many and Tenet responded by running a number of training courses, including more than 120 Chartered Insurance Institute-accredited events, an RDR-ready programme and the establishment of four adviser-driven focus groups.

Following a successful year, the network group aims to continue growing its business in 2014 and reach the 10,000 signature mark for its fair liability e-petition.

Tenet has also turned its attention to assisting advisers engaged with pensions reform and auto-enrolment through Tenet Employee Benefit Solutions, which offers a three-tier system to suit both independent and restricted advisers.