Personal Pension  

New auto-enrolment tool for advisers

The new tool splits the process into stages and tasks, clarifying roles and responsibilities for each phase.

It also allows advisers to tailor the tasks to the specific needs of each client, and can be saved to provide an audit trail.


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The tool creates a project plan for a successful AE staging experience

Can be updated regularly as tasks are completed

Each task has a RAG status to see clearly whether tasks are being completed on time

Prints off a full timelined project plan

Completion of tasks can be monitored through the tool’s ‘traffic-light’ facility, showing red, amber or green to demonstrate status and progress of each task.

Advisers can get the tool by visiting


Minesh Patel of EA Financial Solutions in London said: “This is a great idea. Auto enrolment is much more complex and challenging for employers than could have been imagined. Also, separating the tasks will make it easier to justify IFA fees.

“Employers are not asking IFAs to help with all the tasks. They are using their HR department or accountants for some elements. It is important to agree at the outset where IFA skills lie and which tasks we can help with. Our role should be advisory and not administrative.”