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Back in the day: November 1995

This week, we head back to 1995 when the world was a simpler, internet-less time.

In the main comment piece for the magazine, the jist was that professional indemnity insurance is a nightmare. “It’s time the personal finance industry banged its respective heads together. The heads that need to be banged together belong to the Personal Investment Authority (PIA), the PI insurers, the underwriters and IFAs.

Stephanie Spicer, MM’s former assistant editor, continued, “Perhaps it is time for the Treasury to make its presence felt and dictate a way forward for the PIA.”

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“PI insurance has been a bone of contention for the last year, “ she added. Plus ça change.

Elsewhere, it was a simpler time… MM announced winners of a competition to win five separate modems to connect to the internet.

It was the same month where MM admitted the team didn’t its own internet connection. It even made a request for readers to send in their new websites for MM to publish in the “Net news” section of the magazine. You can view the article here.

In other news...

Coolio’s hit ‘Gangsta’s Paradise’ was number 1 at the start of the month – followed by Robson & Jerome with ‘I Believe’, but we’d all rather forget that…

THAT Martin Bashir interview with Diana, Princess of Wales was aired on 20 November.

The day after (in totally unrelated events) the Dow Jones gained 40.46 points, closing at its first close above 5,000 at 5,023.55.